French Scholarship Foundation

French Scholarship Foundation

Charity providing financial support to families at College Français Bilingue de Londres (CFBL) and at Lycee International de Londres (LIL)

Empowering Education: The French Scholarship Foundation ’s Impact on CFBL and LIL

The French Scholarship Foundation (FSF), a London registered charity established in 2015, is making a significant difference in the lives of families facing temporary financial hardship.

The FSF’s mission is to provide financial support for school fees, enabling children of any nationality to continue their education at the Collège Français Bilingue de Londres (CFBL) and Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill (LIL).

The LIL is a bilingual, independent day school located on a leafy five-acre campus in north London. It serves 850 students from ages 3 to 18. The school offers two distinct world-renowned programmes: a full French-English bilingual track leading to the French national baccalaureate, and an English track starting in Year 7 that leads into the globally recognised International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. The LIL aims to develop every child into a principled, forward-thinking, and joyful world citizen. It was initiated and funded by the French Education Charitable Trust (FECT) and opened its doors in September 2015.

Collège Français Bilingue de Londres (CFBL)

The CFBL, nestled in the heart of Kentish Town, is a French-English bilingual school established in 2011. It provides a nurturing and multicultural environment for 700 students aged 3 to 15 years old. The school follows the French national curriculum, with 50% of the teaching time in English until Year 9. The CFBL prides itself on its philosophy of well-being, openness to the world, and the joy of learning. Parents have praised the school for its warmth, attentiveness, conviviality, and tolerance, and above all, for making their children happy to go to school every day.

As a private schools and independently-funded charity, it doesn’t receive funding from the French or UK governments. This is where the FSF steps in, offering a lifeline to families in need.
The FSF handles all applications in an impartial and confidential manner. Parents of French pupils can apply for a means-tested bursary with the French Consulate General in London. The FSF’s support extends to children of any nationality at both CFBL and LIL Winston Churchill.

The FSF’s work has been bolstered by a recent donation, allowing it to broaden its actions and help more pupils continue their education at these schools. This financial assistance has proven to be invaluable for many families, ensuring that financial hardship does not hinder a child’s access to quality education.

For more information on the FSF’s financial assistance policy or to submit an online application, interested families are encouraged to contact us.

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